Death In America
A chronological history of how Americans dealt with illness and death from colonial times to now
As of January 1st, 2018, Death In America is free for download!
The producers of Death In America wish to thank all those who supported the program over the years.
Death In America has received 18 awards in international film competition and is included in the curriculum of more than 60 colleges and universities.

Dr. Stanley Burns is the owner and exclusive agent of most of the historical imagery in Death In America, so please contact his office if you would like to use or license any photos seen in the program.

J.R. Olivero (Writer, Producer, Director) maintains other licenses such as music and other imagery. You may contact his office via e-mail at...

Educational institutions utilizing the program for non-commercial purposes need not make any special arrangements.
Black Mirror Films reserves all licenses and copyrights but no longer
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